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PACKAGE INCLUDES: Zoom Ball Pro Plus, Zoom Ball Pro,Ball Stand, Glass Stand, 2x Bag & Course

We know your goal is to increase your creativity and shoot amazing photos. We have created an exclusive limited bundle for you based on your current level of photography skills.

This is an limited deal only available for the next 24 hours and there is only 500 bundles in stock¬† ūüéČ


Zoom Ball will expand your creativity and take your photography game to the next level. Because of it's spherical effect it shows you a 180 degree view of your surroundings creating a mind-blowing visual effect. 


Created by photographers, Zoom Ball is for everyone. Works perfect for both DSLR & Smartphone users. Carved from K9 crystal: A lens-grade, optically clear crystal used in optics and lenses giving you the sharpest possible image.


Zoom Ball is made for creators and photographers. Always be prepared to take the perfect shot. 
Get creative in 2020 and join over 50,000+ photographers worldwide.

Zoom Ball Pro |  Diameter 60mm/2.5 inches  |  250gr  
Zoom Ball Pro Plus | Diameter 80mm/3.2 inches | 650gr


Right now, for a very limited time,  we’re giving away our basic 40mm Zoom Ball for free, just cover for shipping. Maximum 2x per order, no minimum order value required.


What is a Zoom Ball?

The Zoom Ball is designed creators and photographers.¬†Always be prepared to take the perfect shot!¬†¬†Because of its spherical effect it shows you a 180¬į degree view of your surroundings creating a mind-blowing visual effect.

What Is Zoom Ball Made Of?

Our product is Carved from Crystal lens-grade, optically clear crystal mostly used in optics and lenses, giving you the sharpest possible image.

What Does Zoom Ball Weigh?

Zoom Ball Basic |   Diameter 40mm  |  200gr

Zoom Ball Pro | Diameter 60mm  |  250gr

Zoom Ball Pro Plus | Diameter 80mm | 650gr

Can Zoom Ball Start a Fire?

Yes, Zoom Ball has a strong magnifying effect, when left exposed to direct sunlight it can start a fire within seconds. Always make sure to cover yours with the protective microfiber pouch that comes with your order.


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How It's Made

Step 1


Large, high quality, crystal bars are cut up into impeccable cubes using diamond cutting blades.

Step 2


The cubes are placed on a heat resistant conveyer belt that runs through an oven, smoothly heating them up to a temperature of 1600 ¬įC (3000 ¬įF). This makes the cubes soft and lightly mouldable.

Step 3


One by one the heated cubes are pressed to their round shape using a big hydraulic mould press.

Step 4


To avoid imperfections and bubbles, the crystal balls are very gradually brought down to room temperature (20 ¬įC (70 ¬įF)).

Step 5


Multiple polishing steps create a perfect surface. At the end of these steps the balls are perfectly round, but still have a matte white finish.

Step 6


Two disks with a fine polishing surface spin at high speed with the crystal balls in between. After 45 minutes in this machine, they are 100% transparent.

Step 7


Every ball is carefully inspected for imperfections. Only one out of four pass this test, the others get recycled and start again at step one.