Zoom Ball Picture Of The Day With Tommi @tommi_lehto

How did you capture the photo?

This picture was taken by a lake in IIsalmi, Finland just after the sunset on May 12th, 2020. The sunset was extraordinary beautiful. My camera is Canon 60d and the lens I used was sigma 17-50mm f/2,8. I also used a tripod and a remote control to make sure that the photo would be as sharp as possible. I have remodelled an ordinary kerosene lamp to suit for the zoomball.

I took about 300 photos that night and this is one of them. The specs of this image are: iso 160, 40mm, f/2,8, 1/250sec. The image was processed with Adobe Lightroom. After Lightroom’s automatic settings, I have adjusted temperature a little colder and blue hue a little greener. The ball was adjusted a bit brighter with radial filter.

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