Zoom Ball Picture Of The Day With Tom @qla_daje_fula

How did you capture the photo?

Hello Zoom Ball users. I take all photos with my iPhone 11 smartphone (portrait mode) so I don’t use any specific and difficult settings. However, when it comes to photo processing, I do this on the smartphone in the applications: Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and PicsArt. Little changes in HDR, sharpness and light. So all amateurs can do something like that, just buy a Zoom Ball and everyone can start playing with this kind of photography.

The place where the photo was taken, it is the old market in Poznan in Poland. An interesting fact is that it is the third largest old market in Poland and one of the largest in Europe. 

Thank you for sharing this beautiful photo and how you captured it. Make sure you follow Tom on www.instagram.com/qla_daje_fula

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