Zoom Ball Picture Of The Day With Jasmine @jeoscope

How did you capture the photo?

I used a Sony A7iii Camera Body with a Sigma 24mm 1.4 lens attached. The exact settings I used were f5 (aperture), 1/640 (shutter speed), and ISO 250.
I edited the image using the Adobe Lightroom Classic Suite.

While editing in post production, I used an S-curve on the tone curve chart. I also changed the hues of the yellows to oranges as I personally dislike yellows and greens in my images, and adjusted the split toning to emphasize the highlight and shadow colors from the sun. 

I was trying to think of a creative concept for using the Zoom Ball, and thought using a sparkler magnified through the ball would be a fun idea. Sparklers remind me of being a child at firework parks which are usually located in fields and country spaces. So I went to a forest with lovely lines of trees to create the background. Then self-timed the shot with the sparkler, Zoom Ball and my hand in the foreground.

Thank you for sharing this beautiful photo and how you captured it. Make sure you follow Jasmine on www.instagram.com/jeoscope

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